Wonderful Indonesia to The World, Wina Austria

Blue Economy Team with Ibu Lulut Sri Yuliani.


Blue Economy Team and KBRI Wina, Austria also Mr. Rachmat Budiman-Ambassador of KBRI at Wina, Austria






1. Minimum waste Mangrove Batik Workshop

In collaboration with textile department of Universitat fur Angewandte Kunst, KBRI Austria invited 43 textile enthusiasts (students, lecturers, designers, and bloggers) to attend a small seminar about Batik Indonesia followed by a minimum-waste batik making workshop.

Seminar theme:
a. History & Values in Batik Creation (by Dr. Jani Kuhnt Saptodewo – Curator of the Weltmuseum)
b. Minimum waste Mangrove Batik (by Dewi Smaragdina, SE, M,si ; Founder of Blue Economy Foundation Indonesia & Ibu Lulut Sri Yuliani, Batik Expert & Environmentalist)
c. Batik Drapery Session (by Mrs. Dewi Arfiani Jusuf, culture enthusiast)1




2. Night of Art and Culture

An Indonesia-themed concert held in Mozart Saal Hall, Konzerthaus. Performing angklung, traditional dances, and traditional music from Jawa Barat, and Maluku representatives followed by performance from Harri Stoijka Gipsy Jazz Trio.


Through this event, we hope that the beauty of Indonesian culture will touch the heart and interest of people all around the world. Maju terus Indonesia!